The Master Builder
Century CenterTheatre

directed by JC Compton

Dennis Parlato (Halvard Solness), Wendy Barrie-Wilson (Aline Solness),  Tami Dixon (Hilda Wangel), David Jones (Dr. Herdal), George Cavey (Knut Brovik), Harmony Schuttler (Kaja), Paden Fallis (Ragnar Brovik).
March 20, 2002
The New York Times
By D. J. R. Bruckner

His wife, Aline, as Wendy Barrie-Wilson realizes her, is one of Ibsen's most pitiable victims, reduced to a cypher not only by her husband's manipulations but also by her own unexamined principles of propriety and moral duty.

March 2002
oobr.com review
Ken Jaworowski

Wendy Barrie-Wilson was impeccable as Mrs. Solness, fusing dorrow and resignation into an incredibly rich mixture of deep emotions. Along with Parlato, Barrie-Wilson's near-perfect performance became the heart of the show.

March 2002
curtainup.com review
Macey Levin

Wendy Barrie-Wilson provides the play's strongest performance as Aline. She has given this unhappy, dark woman textures that could elicit sympathy from the audience if her fellow performers  worked at her level.

March 6, 2002
nytheatre.com review
by Martin Denton

....featuring solid performances by Dennis Parlato, Wendy Barrie-Wilson, and Tami Dixon in the leading roles. The cast of seven is fine, especially....
Wendy Barrie-Wilson as Solness' sad, stoic wife.