The Laramie Project
Chautauqua Conservatory Theatre

Directed by Rob Bundy

Cast: Wendy Barrie-Wilson, Jessica Chastain,
Julie Jesnick, Nancy Karp, Robert McClure, 
Stephen Plunkett, Markus Potter, 
Christopher Randolph



Jennifer (ASM),Stephen, Markus, Jessica, Bob, Chris, Wendy, Nancy, Julie, Alma (ASM), Allison (PSM)
"Laramie Project" is courageous truthteller.

"CCTC and it's artistic director Rebecca Guy deserve the instantaneous  standing ovation they received for having the courage to tell the story of what happens when we teach our children that hatred is OK...."

"Special praise is owed Equity guest artist  Wendy Barrie-Wilson. Barrie-Wilson is a master, switching accents, body mannerisms and reactions as if several people portrayed her charcters. At no point was anyone confused at her intent or focus."

- The Chautauquan Daily

as CC
as Reg
as Deb
Wendy as some of the 10 different characters she portrayed
as SA

Chautauqua Conservatory Theatre

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