The Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey

A Streetcar Named Desire

By Tennessee Williams
Directed by Bonnie J. Monte

A CurtainUp New Jersey Review 
By Simon Saltzman

    ... "All the supporting performances are bringing a renewed vibrancy to the inhabitants of the now familiar milieu. They should be commended for glorifying some of Williamsís most dazzling array of incompatible humanity. Wendy Barrie-Wilson is especially good as Eunice, the metaphorically intrusive landlady. I recall Ms. Wilson being quite fine in the role of Stella at this theater twenty one years ago."  

Blanche - Laila Robins.
Stanley - Greg Derelian
Stella - Nisi Sturgis
Mitch - Robert Clohessy
Steve - Brent Langdon

Eunice - Wendy Barrie-Wilson
Pablo - David Villalobos
Mexican Woman -Yolande Bavan
Justin Clark, Megan Irene Davis and Jon Barker

The current Shakespeare Theater of New Jerseyís production of A Streetcar Named Desire is a renewed confirmation of the timelessness and brilliance of Tennessee Williamsís supreme achievement. Against an excellently conceived multi-level set by Harry Feiner depicting a seedy New Orleans French quarter slum and the Kowalski flat, director Bonnie J. Monteís approach is reverential but also revelatory. The nature of its extraordinarily provocative characters continues to have an uncanny hold on its audience. Happily, Monte hasnít messed around with the brute forces that gird the play nor inclined to toughen the softer aspects. She simply gets it right. In fact, she gets it.